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Cockroach Insecticides: Effective Ways To Eliminate Roaches

Roaches are the most common pests found in most apartments and homes. They’re mainly troublesome in places where sanitary is lacking and food is prepared. Just their presence makes most people repulsive and annoyed. 

They can even contaminate kitchen utensils, food, and other items in the house, and also leave an unpleasant odor.

In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the best cockroach insecticides to help get rid of them completely.

Insecticide Treatment

While good housekeeping can be helpful, insecticide treatments often become necessary to get rid of infestation effectively, especially if it’s concerning German roaches, which are extremely prolific. Cockroaches generally tend to be in places that are dark, moist, secluded areas so you might want to use a flashlight while inspecting.

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Also, you should emphasize on finding and treating the infested area instead of randomly spraying on counter tops, baseboards, or other exposed surfaces.

Here are some of the insecticides available for eliminating roach infestation:


When you go for sprays, make sure you focus on those areas where roaches tend to hide. Also, spray on areas or aggregations with fecal spotting. However, avoid spraying on countertops, baseboards, floors, and walls since roaches don’t usually prefer these areas.


There are some roach insecticides for controlling cockroach infestations that are applied as powders or dusts. Diatomaceous earth and boric acid are some of the popular options. For controlling roaches, boric acid is more effective. Roaches tend to succumb to it after contacting the treated area.

Boric acids are generally available in a squeeze bottle or bulk cans with a narrow tip. Key areas to use boric acid include crevices, cabinet corners, floor/wall junction behind a stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Another potential hiding place for roaches includes the void under the bathroom or kitchen cabinet. Avoid applying boric acid on surfaces where food is prepared.


Formulated insecticides as baits tend to offer better results. When used correctly, you can even achieve the same results as professional extermination. Roach baits have a food attractant mixed with insecticide, which the pest finds and consumes the bait and ultimately die. Non-exposed roaches can even succumb to death after indirectly ingesting the toxicant trace expelled in the feces and sputum of exposed cockroaches.

There are several excellent roach baits available in the market. Some of the popular consumer brands are Hotshot, Ortho, Raid, and Combat. There are professional versions of such products sold online, they include Alpine, Avert, Advance, Advion, and Maxforce.  These products contain effective ingredients such as hydromethylnon, abamectin, dinotefuran, indoxycarb, and fibronil.

Bottom Line

Roach infestation is a common issue that most households face and sometimes, the only way to solve this problem is by relying on pesticides. Cockroach pesticides contain powerful ingredients that help in getting rid of these pests entirely. If you want more information on effective solutions, you can read it on Roach Spot now.

While most householders often use the roach pesticides mentioned in this article to eliminate their roach issue, there are some who prefer to seek professional help. Pest control companies tend to use a different approach when it comes to controlling roaches.

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