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Survival Gear Kit

Backpacking is usually a good way to get relief from the routine stress and spend time with friends or family members. However, you should ensure that you have a complete survival kit before you go backpacking. The kit will come in handy in case when there is any problem during your backpacking.When listing items for your survival gear kit, ensure that you consider all crisis and possible natural debacles. Here are the items for your survival gear kit:


It is usually common to run out of drinkable water during a countryside adventure, especially in the woods. This is why it is usually a good idea to have a portable and effective sterilizer when packing your survival gear. Look for powerful water purifiers that are strong enough to purify one liter of water within seconds. This can take off the need for carrying water with you.

Airtight container

It is also a good idea to include an airtight container in your survival gear kit. This container keeps food in a hygienic manner as it does not let moisture settle in your food hence keeping food edible for a longer period of time. For such a purpose, a good option would be one with a tear-resistant bag with zippers and several pockets for supplies to be neatly stowed.


Since it could rain during backpacking, it may be a good idea to carry waterproofed matches. These type of matches are ideal for backpacking as they produce a substantial flame even when the weather is humid or wet. The matches are also lightweight and portable. Therefore, they are the best option for those who are engaged in outdoor activities and adventures which warrant survival kits.

Items needed for snowy conditions

If you are going for backpacking in snowy conditions, make sure that you carry items that are needed for such conditions. These items include warm clothing, water, food and a knife which can be used for multiple purposes. Instead of packing such essential and risking the possibility of forgetting any of these items, procure Deluxe Four-Person Emergency Survival Kit, which contains a complete list of these items packed together and ready for use.

How will you cook your food?

Cooking without electricity can be a daunting task. Using propane is not a bad idea but, it does not last long. Therefore, you should look for another way of cooking during backpacking. Solar power cooker and oven can be good options. Wood burning pits are also another good option. You can also limit the instances of having to cook your meals by carrying ready-to-eat meals, instant and canned goods.

Other items you should carry

Will you be staying near a water body? If the answer is yes, then it may be a good idea to carry a fishing gear. Doing this will enable you to fish and get some food whenever you need it. It is also good to have a pair of sturdy boots. If you need to go around remember to have a bicycle ready so that you can move around when gasoline supply runs out. Also, remember to carry a survivalist manual and survivalist blanket.

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